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Parachute Simulator for Paratrooper Training

 Space Port Indiana  has been building training devices that help improve the transition between training and real operations. We understand that the more realistic the training the better prepared we are for the real thing. To that end, we have been supplying devices that can help reduce injury, accelerate the process and deliver dependable results. One example of this is our Jumpmaster™ parachute simulator for paratrooper training.

This unit gives training personnel the ability to train in an environment much closer to a real aircraft. Seating, ramps, hydraulic systems and electrical systems replicate the on board layout of the CASA 212 aircraft. The unit can be placed on smooth or rough terrain and used in all types of weather conditions.

It has a rugged aluminum body, mounted on a tube steel frame. It’s treated to help fight rust and corrosion. It can be towed up to 65 mph on the highway and by utilizing a ½ ton pickup truck or Humvee if desired. It has a stabilization system that secures the unit when soldiers are in the unit as well. 

The Jumpmaster™ is currently in use by military training units and has a dependable reputation. Orders for this unit continue to grow and delivery times can be very rapid and cover CONUS and OCONUS locations. The Jumpmaster™ is just one of our unique devices that can help you with mission planning, training and development. Space Port Indiana also offers upgrades to used units. These upgrades include camera systems, interior lighting, new ramp system and more. We can refurbish your current unit and return to you ready for more intense use! Call today for more details.