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INSpace camp @ Holy Cross (click for enrollment)

Jul 7, 2015

Join us for fun with Space Camp and help your school raise money! Get your kids ages 8-14 into the space age as we look at the way we will use space for humanity over the next few decades. A job or just a hobby? There will be lots of opportunity for exploration of all kinds in the new commercial space era. Camp includes the launch of a platform to the edge of space full of experiments that students create. They'll learn to flight predict, track and the whole family can join us for the's a blast. Camp is $250.00 per person and runs July 7-10 2015. $50.00 of your registration fee is being donated to Holy Cross. Hurry! These fill fast! THERE ARE NO REFUNDS FOR CAMP ONCE REGISTERED.


INSpace Camp


INSpace Camp @ Indy Eleven

Jul 21, 2015

INSpace camp is available for ages 8-17 and includes four days of great activities and fun. Students learn about space and earth sciences. Experiments include building a rover, creating and packaging food for space travel, building payloads and launching a high altitude balloon on the last day (weather permitting). Plenty of hands on activities that keep students busy from 0900-1600 each day. Students brown bag lunch each day but camp includes all materials for each class. Sign up here and use the PayPal tool for payment.. You will receive a packet via email about two weeks before camp with additional information and instructions. Early drop-off and late pick-up are available each day. Cost is $10.00 per hour (Charged if drop-off or pick-up is more than 20 mins outside session schedule) or $50.00 for the week. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS ON CAMPS ONCE REGISTERED.



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