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Spaceport Exploration Center, Inc. is a not-for-profit Organization. It was established as a useful tool for philanthropic individuals or organizations to use to support our educational outreach programs. Spaceport Indiana has become the largest provider of STEM programming in the classroom. As a result, we have grown beyond our ability to support all the requests that come to us each year. Without the help of companies and individuals we simply could not reach the growing number of students who want to participate. 

So many parents talk to us each year about the challenges they face finding programming that exposes their children to science and math. While one would think that these programs are a "Dime a dozen", it is actually very difficult to find programs that are well defined, have excellent content and keep students engaged. In fact, so may programs fall short when it comes to hands on, interactive activities that meet the National Science Standards (NSS) or National Math Standards (NMS). We see this as a serious national problem.

Our goal is to help shape a nation of children with meaningful, helpful and engaging curriculum

We have put our efforts into experiences that excite students and push them beyond the text book and help connect knowledge with applications. Whether home schooled or public schooled, America's students want experiences that are unique and inspire them to reach broader goals. Many students are faced with tough decisions about college vs. vocational education. By engaging in Project Based Learning (PBL) exercises, they have a better view of how they might pursue entering the workforce. 

Your help, through financial or other gifts, enables us to bring more programming and opportunity to America's youth. We will keep providing programs every day, but when you become a partner, we open the door for exploration to many more students who have been waiting for their chance at greatness. We look forward to partnering with you in whatever way we can. Contact us today either by email or phone.