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Space Port Indiana makes it possible to prototype your early development projects at reasonable rates and with great accuracy. We know that when you design a new part or system that it often doesn’t meet expectations early. So, the ability to make changes and then develop new test parts in a hurry can really make a difference.

Your new part can be made from a variety of substrates. If you are looking for lightweight plastic or composites for aerospace, or if low cost and fast turnaround is important, we can help. Supply us with your drawings in CAD™ or Solid Works™ and we can make it happen. We also are a member of Nexpointe’s Supply Chain System and that means we can connect with other highly qualified suppliers that can add to your portfolio of capabilities. In fact, being part of Nexpointe’s supply chain opens the door to the most unique capabilities and professional services in the Midwest.

Space Port Indiana staff has built and coordinated a variety of prototype items for DoD and commercial use. Everything from military targets to unique payloads for near space deployment has passed through our doors. This variety of experience can open doors of opportunity for your company, even if you have never supplied parts or services to prime or sub contractors in the past. If you want to deliver directly to DoD agencies we can help you with everything from concept to production. Contact us with your requirements and we can make sure that we align whatever team you need to win a contract or pair up with other companies that already deliver to commercial or military customers.