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President of Spaceport Indiana Makes Mensan list in 1990


Many people do not know that Brian Tanner, Spaceport's President made the Mensan list in 1990 at the age 26. His contributions to the space program and to education are notable and he has always been an advocate for exploration in almoost every walk of life. "It is our nature as humans to explore. No matter what that explorationm may look like" His dedication to the education of youth began in the late 1990s' and took off in 2008 with the creation of the Spaceport Indiana facility. 

2018 will mark 10 years of Spaceport in Indiana, and while we look forward to another 10 years, we know that withoout his deep passion for exploration there would be a generation of young professionals that would not have gotten the push start in science with Mr. Tanner's gentle nudge to begin their personal journey.