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Launch Services

Space Port Indiana can offer customers reliable launch services for a variety of purposes. Our staff has over 20 years of launch experience covering a wide range of applications. The ability to get to an altitude representative of 1% of Earth’s atmosphere offers scientists, engineers, and designers unique insight regarding the performance of new and existing technology. If you prefer a higher altitude launch, we can help with planning, safety, debris field analysis and decision on SRM vs Hybrid, etc.

The customers that launch with us can range from pharmaceutical companies to military customers. There is a growing need to understand the effects of radiation, extreme cold, extreme temperature changes, and power requirements for technologies that will be used in near space. From the natural events like Katrina to the man made events like the war in Iraq we’ve created a new set of requirements to share data and cover greater area, sometimes in a very short time frame.

Our military customers can now utilize near space to expand their operational effectiveness during training and prepare for the use of new technologies that will be deployed during confrontation. We can also bring together multiple agencies who want to test communications capabilities while at the same reducing the cost of moving people and resources around the country to achieve it.

Commercial customers can test the effects of space on new circuit boards, battery systems, medications and w wide range of other technologies for much less than comparable platforms that would reach the attitudes that we do. Pharmaceutical companies are working to understand bonding, power companies are looking at new battery technology and state agencies are looking at ways to better prepare for weather disasters and tackling terror threats. All of these applications can be tested utilizing our launch techniques, and in almost all cases achieve through our low cost pricing structure and very capable launch team.

Contact us about your testing or operational validation requirements and we can construct a test plan to meet your objectives and collect the data you need. Whether you’re a university, small business, large prime contractor or military, we can help.Space Port Indiana utilizes the facility here in Columbus Indiana for its launch port and can coordinate all the launch operations for you. Simply bring your team and engage with our staff in an outstanding test environment.