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2016 INSpaceā„¢ Camps Are Open for Registration


INSpace™ Camps for 2017 take a new path to STEM education. Nothing beats our camps and the opportunity to get one on one with science and exploration. In 2016 we'll be opening the door to some advanced technologies that will shape the way your student looks at the future. Join us as they get hands on with flying Drones, 3D printers, Programming using Raspberry Pi, and a lot more. It's time to shape the future of our young people in a way that sets them on a path to great discovery. 

INSpace™ Camps fill fast (often most seats are gone a year in advance) so make sure you have secured your seat. Camps ar $250.00 per person and include all materials. Students should pack a brown bag lunch each day. Please visit our "Programs" page to register and pay for your camp. 

You will receive your packets about two weeks before the start of camp and hen you're on your way to discovery. There are NO REFUNDS for camps once registered. Please make sure to check your schedules prior to registration. 

New Drone Camps Available Soon


Spaceport is pleased to announce "Drone Camps". These camps are designed to provide hands on opportunities with some very cool Drones. Students can learn to fly in America's airspace and understand the basics of flying "safe". Whether you want to fly for hobby or as a career, this basic experience will fill you in on the possibilities and responsibilities of flying. Check out more as we post new camps soon. 

New Round the World Satellite for Class Room


Our new EdSAT (Educational Satellite) is the perfect tool for middle and high school students who want to take their first leap into working satellites. The EdSAT flies inside the Earth's atmosphere and will circle the globe collecting data. Students can log onto our tracking software and check the status each day. EdSAT will stay aloft for several weeks and can become an ongoing resource for cool data about Earth and its atmosphere. It's an affordable and fun way to get students ready for more advanced satellite work. The EdSAT program is available to all middle and high school students and includes all materials, gases, trackers etc. Educators can contact us for more program details at


Countdown to New Website



SIGN UP FOR INSpace Camps 2017 on the PROGRAMS page.  


Watch for our new web site coming this year. A totally new look and more information about classes and experiences. 

"The programs at Spaceport are about so much more than the stars. They provide a teaching environment that is fun, safe and encompasses a host of lessons about scientific balloons, rockets, and all things space. I was pleasantly surprised how complete their programs really are and will continue to involve my students in their programs throughout the school year. I'm confident the knowledge my students gained by participating in their activities will help them excel in future space lessons and programs. Thanks for the wonderful experience!"~~Michelle Nelson, Quest Science, Central Middle School, Columbus Indiana.

The BalloonSat Program was an excellent source for the students to learn about scientific experimenting; as well as, hands-on activities and experiencing a near-space encounter. It was set up well and professionally led so that students were able to understand some difficult terms and concepts. They really enjoyed the launch and being able to track the balloon. I would recommend this program to anyone! ~ Karla Willis, Educator Kennard Elementary

"It was Awesome!" ~Amanda Magee, Carthage Elementary

Spaceport provides an awesome educational opportunity. Our students are engaged and completely immersed in the program when Spaceport has worked with them. They are professional, easy to work with, and work well with elementary age students. I highly recommend Spaceport to all schools who are involved in promoting STEM and project-based learning! ~Kelly McPike, Maconaquah Elementary

I greatly appreciated and enjoyed the time and experience with Spaceport IN. The discussions were informative and entertaining. My students learned a great deal, remained engaged, and were motivated to develop strong lab plans and reports. The entire experience was exciting and new to everyone involved. It truly is a great way to engage students within inquiry, and make connections to many facets of curriculum! ~Candace McMullan Holy Cross School