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SpaceLab™ Takes on new look for 2014


SpaceLabs for 2014 get a little makeover as we work on projects that will affect space flight in the near future. Right now Scientists and Engineers are working on solving some unique problems that we face during long duration space flight. Radiation is our key topic as we look toward flights to Mars and asteroids. How do we survive this constant attack on the human body and our equipment? During SpaceLab™ we'll explore how to build a radiation shield and a learn a lot about the many sources of radiation. Students build a shield and then tell their story in a video (posted to YouTube and Once they finish this task, we'll add their name to the manifest that will fly on the maiden voyage of NASA Orion in September. SpaceLabs™ are a great way to explore and get ready for more complicated tasks like those in our INSpace™ Camps. So, get ready to have some fun and learn about our next great voyage! Good Luck!

INSpace™ Camps Fun Yet Challenging


We've designed fun into our camps with projects, experiments and launches. Students learn about planets, stars, space travel, space craft and so many other things that help build their imagination. Every camp touches on a variety these topics, yet no camp is exactly the same. Camps are designed so that as students return they add to the knowledge base. The INSpace program also builds friendships, partnerships, and communications skills. It opens the door to fun but also an understanding of challenging technologies like radio frequency, navigation, space agriculture and propulsion. It's an environment designed to test the skills students already have and then push them to apply those skills in a way that includes collaboration and creative thinking. It adds a unique set of skills as well. We can teach them problem solving using a fun and unique set of conditions.

New Annual Membership Available


Two new Annual Memberships are available for 2014. If you have enjoyed Spaceport Indiana programs, now you can attend as many as you want for one low price. Take advantage of INSpace Camps, SpaceLabs and Space Days and never worry about paying a fee each time. Our annual memberships includes all materials and supplies for each session. Our indivdual membership called  "Galaxy"  is $145.00 per year and our family membership called "Constellation" (Parents and all children ages 7 & up in your household) is $245.00. Become a member and receive other great benefits along the way. Visit the "Programs" page and use the Paypal tool to buy one of our memberships today.


Star Party @ Conner Prairie




INSpace Camps for 2014 have been posted on the "Programs" page for Columbus, Coldwater and "Conner Prairie" page for Conner Prairie. Get your regsitration in early, camps fill fast! Experience a high altitude balloon launch, ham radio and much more in 2014.







SpaceLab™ @ Conner Prairie will have all new program in 2014. NASA & Spaceport Indiana will present a new design challenge called "Exploration Design Challenge" and will task students to design solutions to space travel and the problems associated with radiation. In each SpaceLab™ session, attending students will plan, design solutions and test their designs. Once completed their names will be added to the flight roster. Their name will be flown on the maiden voyage of NASA's Orion space capsule. Each student receives a certificate verifying that their name being flown on the maiden voyage. Sign up for SpaceLab™ @ Conner Prairie to participate. This program will only be offfered in SpaceLabs™ at the Conner Prairie location. 

 Those wishing to get their Ham radio license can find information and classes here to accomplish that goal. Anyone can join the group and attend the monthly meetings. For more information email us at

"Light travels faster than sound, that's why some people seem bright until you hear them speak."

What jobs would today's middle school students fill in a future workforce? There are plenty. As you might guess, there are a host of new career choices that look nothing like the careers that Generation X had to choose from. The "Digital Generation" as they're known today will have different jobs and will need new curriculum to support them. As we debate school funding and class offerings, consider the list of new jobs that will fill the global economy. Click HERE to view and download the 20 newest science based careers we've identified.