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"Adult" INSpace Camp added to Fall Line-Up


Why should kids have all the fun? That's Not Fair! So we are making it a little more fun for adults as we add a two day space camp just for them! Take a break from the normal weekend and join us on October 11-12. Create your own experiments and payloads and get ready to launch a platform to the edge of space on October 12th! Saturday night includes a BBQ and refreshments and then some rest for a big day of launching, tracking and recovery. This is designed for folks over 21 years of age. Cost is $100.00 and you can sign up by clicking on the "Programs" page and register online. Pay using the paypal tool on the same page and select the "Adult Camp" option. See you there!

Space Day 2014 to be held at Knightstown Indiana


Spaceport is announcing that Space Day 2014 will be held in Knightstown Indiana. This event is open to everyone ages 7 & up! It will be a day packed with many activities that support and help educate about the space program. The event will include Ham radio, rocketry, astronomy, robotics and much more. Registration cost is $40.00 per person and registration is online by clicking on the Space Day page on this web site. Registration for this event closes on September 10th 2014. Space Day will start with check-in at 8:00 am and finish with a night of telescopes at 10:00 pm. Food & drink will be available on site and we encourage people of all ages to attend. Those interested in getting their Ham radio license can contact us. We will help guide you through that process including a cram session to help with any questions you have prior to taking the exam. There is no age limit (within reason)so young and old can try to achieve a license and experience the fun of HAM radio. We will add more details over the next few weeks so keep an eye on our website. Click the Space Day logo for a brochure!

ARTEMIS Goes into production July 1st 2014


Spaceport's newest platform will deliver comm links and other capabilities to areas hit hard by disaster or crisis. The new system offers frequency communications in several bands and adds other functions like aerial photo or video if needed. ARTEMIS's operational capabilities help connect first responders and other emergency agencies to system wide support as part of a Homeland Security plan. Citizens can be connected to family, send messages and help expedite aid or access to social networks. It can immediately connect state officials to state agencies located within a disaster area. The system is deployable by one person if necessary and can stay aloft for weeks. The system runs on Lithium batteries and is completely independent of the public or municipal grid. For more information contact Spaceport Indiana at


Space Day 2014 in Knightstown




"The programs at SpacePort are about so much more than the stars. They provide a teaching environment that is fun, safe and encompasses a host of lessons about scientific balloons, rockets, and all things space. I was pleasantly surprised how complete their programs really are and will continue to involve my students in their programs throughout the school year. I'm confident the knowledge my students gained by participating in their activities will help them excel in future space lessons and programs. Thanks for the wonderful experience!"~~Michelle Nelson, Quest Science, Central Middle School, Columbus Indiana.


The BalloonSat Program was an excellent source for the students to learn about scientific experimenting; as well as, hands-on activities and experiencing a near-space encounter. It was set up well and professionally led so that students were able to understand some difficult terms and concepts. They really enjoyed the launch and being able to track the balloon. I would recommend this program to anyone!  Karla Willis, Educator Kennard Elementary School C.A..Beard Community Schools

"It was Awesome!" Amanda Magee, Carthage Elementary





 Those wishing to get their Ham radio license can find information and classes here to accomplish that goal. Anyone can join the group and attend the monthly meetings. For more information email us at

"Light travels faster than sound, that's why some people seem bright until you hear them speak."

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