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Space and Rocket Science Field Trips | High School

Spaceport Indiana™ Can Bring Launches to Your School!

Spaceport Indiana™ offers a great way to get students engaged in science without leaving the classroom. We can work with teachers and arrange visits to your school. Our Mission Specialists can work with teachers to create a day curriculum that works in the classroom so that students can simply walk outside to experience a launch or other activity. The cost is kept low to accommodate students and family budgets and can be planned just a few weeks in advance. We understand that budgets are tight and that some field trips have been limited. This is a great alternative and can even involve more students than just a single class. Contact us with your request for a visit and we'll get you started.

We can also help create half day and full day field trips for schools and include rocket launches and other activities. These field trips use the Inquiry based learning approach and subject matter prepared by our specialists and provides substantial opportunities to learn about science, math and technology. These field trips are offered to elementary and middle schools as well. Email us with your questions and we'll be glad to get you started.