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Exploration Centre

Spaceport Indiana is moving forward with the development of the Spaceport's Exploration Center. The planned interactive Center will give a unique perspective on the future of space exploration as part of the commercial space program. The Center will house space artifacts but only as a back drop to interactive programming, space habitat, aeroponics systems, UAV/Drone training/curriculum to name a few. The Center is a 501 (c) 3 Not for Profit organization.

The concept for the new facility is to continue building on Spaceport Indiana's successful educational outreach and give opportunities to people of all ages to train, re-train or make career choices that support STEM fields. Spaceport has become one of Indiana's largest STEM providers. Our programming includes launches, landers, RF technology, astronomy and the list goes on. Our goal is to continue to reach as many youth as possible and engage them in STEM activities. This turns on the mental light bulb and gives them some great ideas for future work.

We're excited about the Aeroponics lab where we will show visitors, students and space professionals how to grow plants in small spaces. Future astronaut homes will obviously be limited in space and being able to have normal activities while in space is essential. We need to continue to make space travel and living comfortable and offer some Earth like features so that we can address the mental and physical health of astronauts. The lab will also create an abundance of food that can be shared with Centre members, the public and food pantries in the region. The techniques we use can also be taken home and used by urban farmers, students and even in commercial applications for greenhouses. 

Every inch of our Center will address sustainable activities, technology development and space applications. We will showcase the accomplishments of medical professionals as they learn how to treat cancer and other illnesses through what we learn in space. Even when we replicate some of the space environment to study medicine here on Earth.  We will include a 'Hackerspace" with equipment and facilities that visitors can use to advance their own work in technology. Sometimes we lack a piece of equipment at home or work that is too expensive to own but could be shared with others. That's the value of Hackerspace.

And, there are new technologies that are developing that will require a trained UAVs. We know that there will be some 300,000 new jobs in the UAV industry and they will pay well. Some estimate salaries of about 70,000/yr. We need to train people who will plan missions, integrate sensors and a host of other needs that will support the industry.

These are only a few things we will be doing at the Spaceport Exploration Center. Watch here for more updates and we look forward to seeing you there!