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Our customers have unique requirements and often an even more unique operational environment. When they come to us for solutions, we put an experienced team of engineers, technicians and scientists to work. That’s important when we’re working on applications that end up in environments plagued by sand, high temperature, wind, radiation, or 1% of Earth’s atmosphere. It creates the need for a very different approach to designing dependable products.

We’ve put our team to work on projects for military, educational institutions and commercial customers. We treat every project with the same level of professionalism and propriety and we help you design a test and evaluation program that gathers the data you need for a potential commercialized product. If you have been working on SBIR, STTR or other programs that require commercialization of your product, we can help and we understand the processes to make that happen.

Because we offer the opportunity to interact with Space Port Indiana as part of your operational validation or test requirements, we can often provide results that go far beyond what your customer expected. If we can make you look good, we look good. So, what we’re really saying is…”Bring it on, we’re ready to make you a hero to your customers!” In fact, we encourage you to bring your customers to the Space Port during some of your testing so they can see what you’re doing that is above and beyond your competition.

Circuit boards, RF Communications, relays, sensors, platform collaboration and training devices or any other new electronics requirements can be developed or tested using our team. Before you put your product into a new environment, make sure you’ve covered all the potential issues that might contribute to failure.