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BallonSat Program

Our BalloonSat Program offers classroom experiences launching payloads to the edge of space using larger weather balloons that reach altitudes of over 100,000 feet.  Students build the payloads in the classroom under the supervision of their science educator after a visit from our Mission Specialists who explain the space environment and work with students on payload design ideas. We then return to the classroom and bring all the tracking equipment, gases and other instruments for a school site launch. It's a huge attraction for students, teachers and parents. It fits into Common Core requirements and meets national science standards. Call us about a launch at your school and set yourself apart from the others.

UAV Training Program

The Unmanned Air Systems Program (UASP) began in 2016. The program is designed to offer training in the realm of UAV operations in National Air Space (NAS). The curriculum includes piloting, ground station operations, sensor integration, flight planning and other critical applications for safe operation within NAS. Since 2016 we have trained numerous students to become Remote Pilots and our program is proud of its 100% graduation rate and 100% pass rate of FAA exams. UASP is an open enrollment schedule so that students can begin the program at any time. Classes last 12 weeks and have flexible class room hours to meet the needs of non-traditional students. We are proud to work with WorkOne of Indiana, JAG Students and others who want to embark on a great new career. Prospective students can email us at for more details and enrollment forms.

 In-Class Curriculum & Kits

Spaceport Indiana has released a new series entitled " Moon Missions: Experiments, Projects & Preparation for a Return to the Lunar Surface"™ for ages 7-9, 10-12 & 13-17. Each age group will have hands on projects and experiments that help students re-discover the Moon and what lies ahead for commercial space as we travel back to the Moon and beyond. The series is the first of several being offered starting this summer and leading into the next several years. Each series is 6 weeks long and broken into six 55 min sessions for each age group. This is the first of several new series being created,  libraries, schools, and other organizations can set up the series at their facility. Programming is delivered by Spaceport Indiana Mission Specialists and includes all materials and projects. Interested organizations can call 765 606 1512 or email

SPI offers a variety of opportunities that include After School, Summer, in-Class projects, educator workshops, INSpace™ Camps and much more. In fact, we see nearly 300 students some weeks by either visiting the class room or with SPI visits. We are one of the largest STEM providers in the region. We believe that supporting America's educators and students will have a positive and substantial impact of America's workforce. This page is designed to give you ideas for class room projects and to update you regarding new programs and opportunities as we develop them. We want your feedback and suggestions. Please feel free to send comments to

Use this FAQ section to help answer some intital questions about SPI and programming found here.

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