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Space Day

"MARS: The Incredible Journey" 

 Space Day 2013  

                The Journey Begins


                   SPACE DAY REGISTRATION FEE IS ONLY $35.00


How do we get to distant planets? Why do we go? What will it be like to spend months in space just to get there? Space Day 2013 will expose students to space habitats, food, and much more! Build on what you learned in 2012 to make your incredible journey.....well, incredible! Have us at You can also click the brochure thumbnail above and share with others.

Watch here as we add activities for Space Day 2013! Please make sure to submit your comments to us regarding activities you would like to see as part of the 2013 event! Registration fees will remain the same for 2013. Please us the forms below to capture your seat. 

Spaceport will add more HAM radio opportunties at Spaceday 2013! Those interested in getting their HAM Radio license will be able to do so with a prep session as part of Space Day. Join HAM operators who will help you discover the world of Amateur Radio. Displays will be set up around Space day grounds and discover how you can listen to the planets with special dishes setup to interpret alien sounds from billions of miles away.

NASA has confirmed that specialists/engineers from Glenn Research Center will present at Space Day 2013!

Experience bouncing your voice off the Moon and back to Earth with some cool communications devices

Listen to the sounds made from planets as we use RF technology to hear the planets talk! What does Jupiter have to say?

Want to Volunteer at Space Day 2013? Get a Shirt, join the team and have Fun! Plus help make a difference with students? Send us an email at and we'll get you started.

Each student registration includes one free shirt. Please select the appropriate size from the menu to insure that your student recieves a shirt. Adults do not include a shirt but additional shirts can be purchased. Please make sure to complete the initial registration form and we will email you documents as Space Day 2013 approaches. There are NO REFUNDS of registration fees for this event.



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Space Day Registration