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College students from many states engage with us to test theory and discover the possibilities of high altitude research. Edge of Space is a great environment to discover the effects of radiation, microgravity, g-loads, communications, temperature and much more. Undergraduate and graduate studies have included station keeping, venting, electro-optics, data logging, management, structures and a host of other experiments.

We encourage college students interaction and can help accomplish those activities through grants, low cost access, workshops or camps. In some cases, students are already working under federal or state grants and can access our capabilities to operationally validate experiments or new technologies. We won't stand in your way with high cost or tedious paperwork. We will help you through all the safety and planning phases and get you through validation. Our team of experienced engineers, technicians and administrators can help understand real world requirements and how to prepare for technology demonstrations. Contact us whenever you need to ask questions or prepare and we'll give you the help you need.