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About Spaceport Indiana

Spaceport Indiana is about STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts and Math) education that prepares America for the technologies that are shaping the world. Spaceport began as part of the new Space Exploration System (SES) created to push America into the next 50 years of research and the exploration of space. We are a founding member of the International Spaceports Council now known as the Commercial Spaceflight Federation. 

We offer programs and curriculum that prepare students for careers and help them understand the subject matter that is critical to the long range goals of the United States. Whether you want to become a Drone Pilot through our Unmanned Air Systems Program or you want to explore growing food in space, we have experiences and training that help make your educational and professional goals possible.                                                                                                                 

We are well known for our educational curriculum and have won numerous awards for content, design and delivery. Our goal is to make education fun and engaging so that students of all ages can retain the knowledge and learn to apply it in a number of exciting careers. This includes in the classroom and at our facility. 

Let your imagination soar as you take a discovery flight in an aircraft, launch a platform to the edge of space, become a licensed Drone Pilot and so much more! We can make it all possible whether you're 8 or 80. Join us for one of our awesome programs and experience what hundreds of other students across America have experienced. Isn't it your turn to do something amazing? 

Program development is one of the many services we offer. As part of this program, we help other institutions, organizations, clubs and schools develop curriculum and marketing plans that include educational outreach and academic design. Our staff can support your initiative by offering writing expertise and curriculum design to fit your goals. Our rate is $85.00 per hour for most projects and a written estimate of time and materials is available upon request prior to work. We offer specific contract periods or a  "Pay as You Go"  plan depending upon your needs. Once your request is received, we will begin work right away which includes any meetings necessary to bring together a team that works!

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